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Minu nimi on Enrique. Olen Klaverist ja muusika õpetaja. Hispaanlane. Kellel on 5 aastat kogemust. Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia magistrant. Olen teinud Pedagoogika magistriõppes pärast minu klaveri bakalaureuse , praegu teen klaveri master Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemias Tallinnas . Dünaamiline metoodika, mis suudab teie tasemel kohaneda iga muusikaga, mida soovite mängida. Me võime parandada oma klaverioskusi või muusikateoreetilisi teadmisi või just mängida need laulud, mis teile meeldib motivatsiooniga !.

My name is Enrique. Im a pianist and music teacher from Spain. 5 years of experience like music, solfeo and music theory teacher in public music schools. Master in pedagogy after my bachelor in piano interpretation, right now doing piano master in the Estonian academy of music and theater in Tallinn. Dynamic methodology, being able to adapt to your level every song or music that you would like to play. We can improve your piano skills, or music theory knowledge, or just play that songs that you like with motivation!.


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Bachelor in piano performance, final score 9/10. Master's degree in teacher training for secondary education. Doing master in piano performance in the esonian academy of music in Tallinn. Speaking 3 languages.

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Already 5 years of experience in public musical centers as a piano, solfeo, music and movement, and colective piano teacher.

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That was very entertaining lesson. Enrique is a very good teacher. Professional and also relaxed and friendly . Very resourceful to make the concepts easier to understand like using colors and drawing similarities with real life examples
The lesson was systematic and tailored to my needs and had a relaxed atmosphere. Beyond the actual musical training I also received useful tips on how to practice and how to memorize important facts. Very good!
Good teacher
After the first lesson my 7 year old son was very exited about it and wanted to continue at home the work he did in the classroom with Enrique. Enrique made the first lesson very interesting and enjoyable for him and at the same time he was so professional and was communicating very well with a child.
Great friendly teacher! Very skilled and good teacher :)

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